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Buffy the Vampire Slayer

: “Hush,” the silent occurrence; “Once More With Feeling,” the musical occurrence; “alcohol Poor”* the episode in which alcohol turns folks into exact Neanderthals. But the scene that’s trapped with me the most is from an unloved occurrence this is the culmination of a notoriously unlovable plotline: one that provides the coup de grâce

to your chemistry-free connection between Buffy and extremely soldier Riley Finn.

“in to the Woods” begins with Buffy discovering that Riley happens to be spending female vampires to draw his bloodstream, a storyline development therefore awkward that, indeed why don’t we rush past this rather than mention it once again. Moments occur whereby figures tediously speculate regarding what made Buffy and Riley’s connection so very bad which he was actually pushed to the thing we aren’t discussing. Mainly, Buffy’s assumed to nevertheless be hung-up on her outdated flame Angel, who was tragically spun down into his own series at the end of season three. As vampire sidekick Spike tells Riley, “You’re not the long-haul man. The lady requires some monster in her own guy.” In the confrontation with Buffy, Riley offers her an ultimatum: Unless she swears to change, he is departing that very night for a secret federal government demon-hunting purpose in Belize, “deep undercover, no contacts with civilians.”

Meanwhile, the audience knows the real cause their particular union is actually doomed is enthusiasts found Riley boring, lame, and about because gorgeous as hold songs. He was the human incarnation of “nice, but.” In addition, shortly after their plotline showed up, it started to meander erratically â?? and not to fun places both. Throughout these areas, Riley is actually uncannily like a dud boyfriend in real life. Maybe not an awful, abusive date, exactly the type whom looks great in writing, but becoming with him is a lot like being in a meandering subplot of a TV program’s fifth season. You may like all alike circumstances, but once he discusses all of them it really is mysteriously aggravating. He may be ridiculously good-looking, but if you have sex, you are able to very nearly hear a voice stating, “your own call is essential to all of us, therefore please stay on the line.” There is absolutely no buzz he cannot eliminate: even though he’s not indeed there, you end up tediously theorizing with pals by what helps make the commitment so very bad. When he finally makes you (for some reason you are going to

never ever

defeat him for the punch), it will probably mostly end up being a relief.

And yet, in 90 % of the cases, you try to stop him from leaving. For the reason that there’s a voice in your mind that lets you know the sole explanation that you don’t value this best man is that you’re immature and neurotic, and also you much better step-up because this is your finally chance at really love. In “to the Woods,” this sound is actually personified by Buffy’s buddy Xander, whom says to her, “You’ve been dealing with him such as the rebound man, as he’s the person who comes along as soon as in an eternity â?¦ in case you are prepared for real really love, considercarefully what you are about to drop.”

Now for the moment that’s etched back at my heart. Moved by Xander’s pep chat, Buffy sprints to get Riley before she manages to lose him forever. Cue a number of views of Buffy photogenically sprinting, intercut with scenes of Riley photogenically waiting around for Buffy, next photogenically letting go of and looking at go into a government chopper. Oahu is the time-honored rom-com trope wherein the protagonist races towards the airport to catch a boyfriend/girlfriend and inform them, “You will find amazingly overcome my commitment problems and then I recognize you’re One.”

What are the results subsequent is actually a determination to everyone who is previously been in a shitty union. Riley ducks in to the whirring helicopter. Indeed there he sits looking moodily into area as Buffy comes pelting inside shot. She stands just unrealistic associated with the whirring helicopter blades, waving the woman hands and screaming his title. She’s ready the real deal really love! He or she is the only! But â?? uh oh! â?? Riley cannot notice her across the helicopter noise. And also the helicopter â?¦ only â?¦ flies out.

In that time, every solid wood second of event is redeemed. Yes, everything believed weirdly pushed â?? like a poor connection. Yes, it made you keep willing to switch it removed from serious shame â?? like a terrible union. The unusual mediocrity with the event is what makes the

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ending very cathartic.

Because â?? and this is why that scene provides stayed clear inside my head long afterwards the man we very first watched it with is actually forgotten about â?? this is why all bad interactions should stop. No ugly crying and makeup products gender. No reliving the worst views and arguing about whose failing they certainly were. No getting back together and separating once more. Just: helicopter. Loans. No experience of civilians.

It really is great if (as Riley really does) the date comes back for a visitor appearance next period, when you have had time and energy to really not miss him. But, during the point of separation, there should be a branch of government that flies your ex lover to a secret area in Belize, and leaves you to receive over it by yourself.


This information happens to be upgraded making use of the proper name of the episode.